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JustBet Review

JustBet are one of a number of sites that are part of a betting network in the US. What happens is that these smaller sites are taken over by one larger site, in this case Bookmaker.eu, which means that they can access the same types of betting markets and even graphics as their older, more established sister site.
But, JustBet is more than an extension of Bookmaker.eu, it has evolved to be one the more popular sites in the US. Whether this is because it uses the same software and design as Bookmaker.eu, we aren’t sure, but we would hazard a guess that the majority of punters don’t realise that there is any affiliation between the two sites what so ever. This review will be looking independently at what JustBet has to offer its punters and will put its links aside for this review.


At JustBet you can pull up a massive $2,500 bonus when you register a new account. It’s one of the biggest we have come across and even though it’s only a 15% match of your opening deposit, it still provides pretty good value.

The bonus will be awarded on all deposits of $300 and upward, however any deposits made using Neteller will not count towards the bonus. You will have to play through your bonus amount 4 times before being able to withdraw, but there are no limitations on the timescale that you are required to complete this in.
On top of this it’s also worth checking back to the site for regular re-load bonuses as well. They vary in what’s on offer, but you can usually expect something along the lines of a 20% deal on deposits of $100 and up.


The design of the site is arguably one of the best features in our opinion. It looks really modern and slick, if not a little on the bulky side. The homepage means that you can jump between markets and sports with just a couple of clicks and it also lets you know about the latest sports that are currently trending.

One of their latest additions to the site is the betting tools section. It’s a handy little concoction of a parlay calculator, teaser calculator, odds converter and sports betting RSS feed. Granted, it’s nothing massively ground-breaking or something that you cant find elsewhere on the intent, but it’s still a classy little addition in our opinion, especially if you are new to the betting industry.

It’s good to see that JustBet have tried to future proof themselves by offering a mobile version of their site. As the number of people who access betting sites via their mobiles continue to grow, it makes it all the more important for companies to adhere to these needs. Their mobile site is made from HTML5 which basically means that you don’t need to download an app, just type the site into your browser and it should recognise that you’re on a mobile device and direct you automatically.

What we will say is that JustBet possibly don’t have as many sports as some of their rivals, but they do have some of the most in-depth sports. For example, the site is targeted towards the US, so the ‘big four’ are all represented well. But, outside of that, the likes of soccer, with 17,000 markets, boxing with 52 markets and even martial arts, with a staggering 88 markets, are a good indicator of the converge that the site provides.


For us, JustBet has been a bookmaker that has gone seriously undervalued over the years. They’ve ben about since 2002, so they are no longer newcomers to the industry. It does beg the question as to why a site that has so many features and so much going for it has failed to really kick on to become one of the biggest in North America.

But, we can only comment on what we see, and that’s a really polished bookmaker. We we’re really pleased to see the integration with mobile betting as this is where the industry is heeding. The sports that they had on offer possibly weren’t as in-depth as some of their rivals, but their market coverage for these sports were some of the best. What we will say is that if you haven’t already tried JustBet, then you should!