Baseball is another popular sport from the US and one that many bettors love to bet on. It’s similar to basketball in that hundreds of games take place each season and the season runs for a fairly lengthy period of time.

It’s probably fair to say that baseball is the countries least popular export, at least in terms of participation outside the US. Coverage for most countries is limited, although it does have a pretty huge Asian following to keep it going.

How to bet on baseball

The popularity of baseball in the US means that the majority, if not all, sportsbook based in the US will be running markets for all the MLB games. This puts you, as the bettor, in a great position as it allows you to hunt bout for the best offers and odds that available to you, without having to just stick one sportsbook.

Outside the US you will find that you are much more limited as to the number of markets and games that you can bet on. As with most American sports, Ladbrokes will likely be your best bet, but even they struggle somewhat when it comes to market depth.

Baseball betting markets

The moneyline is where you are likely going to be spending the most amount of time as baseball bettor. This market is simply betting on the outcome of the game without a spread or anything like that being applied. The odds will be reflect as a positive or negative number, with positive representing how much you get back for every $100 wagered and the negative signifying how much you need to wager to get $100 back.

The 5 innings line is an adaption of the moneyline, but instead of betting on the outcome of the game, this market will mean you are betting on the outcome after 5 innings. The market is set at 5 innings because this is pretty much the halfway point of any baseball game and a good bet if your basing your wager on starting pitchers.

The total points in another popular betting market with baseball and for this you are simply wagering on the over or under total runs scored in the game. Remember that this market will include the combined odds from both the home and the away team to find the total for the match. The number will also be signified as a half decimal (+9.5 points, for example), so there are no ties or pushes for this market.

The runline is your spread market for betting on baseball. In this market the sportsbook will give each team either a positive or negative spread for that match and at the end of the game the handicapped number of runs is applied to the score to get the outcome of the runline market.