Basketball is one America’s most popular sports. In fact, it’s been largely down to the success of the NBA why so many European leagues are starting to pop up. Even the NBA is starting to see an increase in the number of participants from players outside of the US, something that was almost unheard of not so long ago.

One of the most unique factors about the NBA is the length of the season. It runs from October time to around July, making it the longest running season of any American sport. This is great for bettors as it allows punters to get their teeth stuck into games happening throughout each week whilst the season is taking place.

Whilst the NBA is by far and away the most popular league in the world with the best players taking part, it’s been a product of their success as to why there are so many competitive leagues taking place around the world. The college game in the US is also a really high profile outfit with ‘March Madness’ seeing the start of their play offs games and an influx in betting on the sport.

How to bet on basketball

One of the best things about the sport is that it can be accessed via many of the best online sportsbooks. You’re always going to be getting a pretty mixed bag when it comes to the depth in markets and there are some that do it better than others.

In the US, BetOnline are probably about as comprehensive as you will find for the sport. Both the NBA and the college leagues are covered in a good amount of depth. Outside the US you are going to be looking at bookmakers such as Ladbrokes. These two will cover all the American leagues but also a huge percentage of leagues and competitions from around the world, especially Ladbrokes.

Basketball betting markets

As a US sport, you are going to be inundated with a ton of US betting markets. The spread is going to be your most popular betting market for betting on basketball. This is essentially a handicap market where the bookmaker will offer one team a theoretical advantage of points before the game. After the game has been completed, the spread is then applied to the actual score to find the winner of that betting market. So, if a team were priced at +2 points, then 2 points would be added to their score and then the results re-calculated.

The moneyline is your more traditional style of betting, which is a straight up market between two teams. For this, no team will be handicapped and the final result of the game will deem the winner of this market.

Finally, you get the totals market, which are the combined points for both teams in the match. The bookmaker will determine the over or under line and the market pays out after taking the line into account.