Canadian bettors are in a better position than those from the USA. It’s usually far easier for Canadian citizens to deposit and withdraw than their US counterparts. While the laws on gambling are all still a bit of a grey area in Canada, more betting firms feel confident enough to serve the Canadian market than the US market, so Canadians have far more betting options than Americans.

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So all of our best USA sportsbooks are also available to Canadians with the exception of Bovada but that’s OK as you can simply use its parent company’s site Bodog instead. Only two of our UK and Ireland bookmakers are currently available in Canada, William Hill.

However, there are further great options available to Canadians which are not available to their southern neighbors.

Pinnacle Sports: Pinnacle Sports are one of the best sportsbooks, they offer perhaps the lowest margins of any honest sportsbook, sometimes as low as just 1.5% and usually no more than 4-5%. They claim they can offer such low margins because of just how good their trading staff is at formulating the odds. They even say they welcome arbitrage bettors (bettors who bet across different sportsbooks to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome) and even have a page explaining what it is. We concur that they are a must have sportsbook for anyone looking for arbitrage or simply looking for great odds. Pinnacle have been operating successfully with this low margin for years. Their claim to have confidence in their staff looks justified, so if you wanted to get a good indication of the likelihood of an outcome occurring Pinnacle odds would perhaps be a great place to look.

Bodog,, Bodog has been in operation since 1995. They have long been known for their excellent software, their smooth transaction system with free withdrawals, everything about Bodog is designed to be fun, slick and easy to use. Their juice is quite reasonable too, around the 4% mark. They have a 100% sign up bonus, up to $100. They also have a 200% refer a friend bonus of up to $100 for every new sign up on their first deposit.

The Greek Sportsbook, founded in 1996, located in Jamaica. Their odds on North American Sports are ok, at about 4.5%-5%. Alas, their odds on sports like Soccer and Tennis are not as competitive as most of the other major sportsbooks, around the 7-8% mark. They have two good options for first deposit sign up bonus, one is 100% up to $100 or else for those with a bigger bankroll 25% up to $1,000.

Betfair, Betfair is licensed in Malta. Betfair is known as the largest betting exchange in the world. Customers can lay (offer odds to other bettors) or bet on a team. Bettors are charged a pretty hefty market 6.5% of their winnings or losses, with depending on your Betfair points, a discount of up to 60%, the more you bet, the more Betfair points you earn. As a betting exchange, Betfair truly has a tremendous range of things to bet on. For those who prefer the more traditional style of betting Betfair also offers its own sportsbook. Actually this might be the better option because surprisingly given the hefty exchange fees; the juice is really good in the sportsbook, generally ranging from 1.5% to 4%. Betfair also has regular promotions, including free bets and money back on bets promotions if certain events occur in the game. In fact, if you haven’t bet there for a while, they often give you a free bet to encourage you to come back and use their site.