Entropay offer a really solid payment solution for a number of different gambling outlets. It allows you to use their pre paid accounts to deposit and withdraw your funds, without having to provide your bank details to dozens of gambling accounts.

The company have been in operation since 2002 and whilst they aren’t as popular as the likes of PayPal and Neteller, they provide the same sort of service. What we have noticed over the last few years is that more and more gambling sites are starting to accept Entropay and they are quickly becoming the e-wallet of choice for a number of punters in the industry.

What is Entropay and how does it work with online gambling?

Entropay is your typical e-wallet, which means you can fund your Entropay account to use in conjunction with a number of different sites and merchants. It allows you to link your bank account up to the e-wallet and deposit or withdraw funds to and from. This means that you don’t need to link up a credit or debit card to any betting account, and can keep all your gambling transactions coming from one source.

Using it with gambling sites is actually a very simple process. You first need to open an Entropay account. At this point they are quite rigorous with the amount of security information that you need to pass over and you will need to hook this up to your bank account. The security checks, whilst sometimes tedious, are in place for your safety, so a little bit of time at this stage could save you a whole lot of grief later down the line.

Once you’ve funded your Entropay account you can then use it to access your funds via the gambling site. It’s a simple case of merely just sending the deposit across and it comes direct from your Entropay account.

Benefits of using Entropay

The most common reason as to why people will use a service such as Entropay is the face that they don’t need to have their bank details attached to their betting account. As you may be aware, it’s likely that most gamblers will have several accounts meaning that with each account they need to trust the gambling site they are using to keep account details safe. When they just have the account details of an e-wallet, such as Entropay, then should anything go wrong, there will be no details of your bank accounts online at all.

You will also be able to apply for a pre paid MasterCard from Entropay which allows you to access your funds from anywhere in the world. It means you can make point of sales transactions or withdrawals from ATM’s and get hold of your money in a vast number of ways. We have actually found that the prepaid card is one of the most efficient ways to get money back in your hands as it often works out cheaper to withdraw from an ATM than it is to withdraw to your bank account, after fees of course.