American Football is probably the most popular sport in the US. Even though the season is actually shortest in terms of number of games played when compared to the likes of basketball, baseball and Ice Hockey, it pulls in millions of fans, often with attendances hitting well in excess of 50,000 for each game in the NFL.

One of the most unique features of American Football is that the college game is just as popular as the professional NFL league. The games again are covered in depth by a lot of bookmakers and whilst it doesn’t get the worldwide coverage that the NFL does, it’s still a popular betting destination, if only for people with the US.

The biggest attraction in American Football is undoubtedly the Super Bowl. Tens of millions of people from around the globe tune in to watch one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Whether you are into American Football or not, it’s likely that you have at least heard of the Super Bowl, something that few sports can really boast.

How to bet on American Football

Luckily, American Football has become so popular that there are tons of bookmakers that offer markets on the sport. It’s going to be pretty fair to say that American Football is likely the countries most popular export – in terms of sport – and it’s for this reason why so many companies are offering up markets for these games.

The widespread availability of being able to bet on the sport puts the punter at a great advantage. You can literally choose from dozens of bookmakers offering markets on loads of games throughout the season, meaning you can start to chase down the best offers, promotions and odds for the market you are looking to bet on.

American football betting markets

The most popular betting market for American Football is going to be the points spread. For this the bookmaker will asses the advantage that one team has prior to the game in order to make both outcomes around the even money mark. For example, one team may get an advantage of +5 points on the spread, meaning that after the game has finished, 5 points are added to their score to determine the winner of this market. After the points have been added, if the team would have been successful then you will win the bet, but if they are still short, then you lose.

The moneyline is where you literally bet on the result of the game, straight up. There are no handicaps placed for this market and it’s just a straight out battle to see which team wins. If you pick right, then you’re in the money. Often in the NFL you will find that some teams are of a bigger advantage than their opposition, so expect some odds to be pretty huge for some teams.

Finally, the totals are the next most popular market and for this you need to select the over or under line for the total number of points scored in the game. The points scored by each team will be added together for this, with the outcome of the game being irrelevant.