Golf is one of those sports that many don’t really associate with sports betting. Well, this is true for those who don’t bet on it anyway. But, the reality is that golf can be one of the most lucrative sports to bet on and as the market coverage continues to grow, the number of people betting on golf is as big as ever.

The sport’s pinnacles are based around the four majors; The Open, US Open, Masters and the US PGA. These are when the bookmakers are offering the widest range of markets and also the most promotions, so keep an eye out for when these are taking place. The playing field throughout any major event will be as strong as you will find and likely the most competitive.

Outside the majors the sport has a number of high profile tours that these days, are truly global. The PGA Tour is probably the strongest and this is almost exclusively situated in the US. The European Tour is just a shade behind in terms of both coverage and prize money, but these events occur all over the world, and not just in Europe, as the name might suggest.

How to bet on golf

As we mentioned, the sport is positively booming for bettors at the minute and the number of bookmakers who are offering up markets seems to be growing each week. This can only be good news for bettors, which allows them to use pretty much any major bookmaker to bet on golf.

What you need to be aware of before each event is that some of the terms and conditions for bookmakers will differ, so it might be worth doing a bit of research before placing your bets.

Golf betting markets

The outright winner of an event will be where the majority of bettors hang their hats. One of the unique things about golf is that you can get a favourite of the event going off at odds of 10/1 and upwards for some competitions, making it extremely lucrative if you happen to be backing them. Alternatively, player’s odds will range from between that and upwards of 500/1 for some events.

The long odds made each way betting about as profitable as you are going to find in the sports betting industry. Many bookmakers offer promotions where they pay out at 1/4 starting odds for a top 5 finish or similar. If you back someone at 50/1 and they finish within the paid places then the odds will be reduced to 12.5/1 (quarter of 50) with a more than tidy payout heading to you as a result.

Group betting is a market that has grown over the last few years in golf. As you may or may not be aware, golfers generally go out in groups of three or four for that round. Bookmakers have made the group market available to bet on the winner of that three or four ball with their actual tournament standings being irrelevant to that bet.