Ice Hockey is one of America’s most loved sports. In the US the sport has millions of followers, but outside the US it doesn’t quite get the traction that some of the other sports do. Nonetheless, it can still be classed as a major sport and a sport that many of the larger bookmakers will look to target, especially throughout the NHL (National Hockey League) season.

How to bet on Ice Hockey

One thing you will find is an increasing number of bookmakers looking to make markets for Ice Hockey. As mentioned, the NHL is where you’ll find the majority of these markets but many still include games from the AHL and dozens of top European leagues.

The range of markets that you can bet on will often depend on the size of the bookmaker. For example, Ladbrokes are very much a multi-national bookmaker so they realise that players from all around the world will be looking to bet on Ice Hockey. The coverage that they offer is second to none in most cases with dozens of markets on offer to bet on with each game.

Smaller sites, and probably more accurately sites that don’t target the US markets as much, will have a much smaller offering. We’ve seen some cases where some reputable bookmakers don’t offer any Ice Hockey markets at all, but for the most part, they are few and far between.

Ice Hockey betting markets

One thing that Ice Hockey will bring is an absolute plethora of different betting markets. They do carry three main markets in that of the betting line, totals and the to win. These three will likely be the bread and butter of most bookmakers and you wont be hard pushed to find too many bookmakers that provide these markets.

Outside of these markets you will be looking at the ‘props’ section with most bookmakers. These tend to range in terms of adaptations of the main three. For example, the totals section may include game totals, odd or even scores, team total or margins of victory.

Some of the scorecast markets are generally more popular for bettors who are based outside of the US and require you to pick the correct score in the game to be successful. They provide much more value than most, but that’s often because games can range from very low scoring to very high scoring, with everything in-between for Ice Hockey.

One thing to look out for is when you are betting on leagues based outside the US is that the name of the market might be different. For example, in the US the handicap market is called the moneyline, and this is where one team will have a theoretical advantage and the price will reflect that. They try and make it so the odds for each outcome are the roughly the same. The moneyline can be called the handicap in the Euro leagues but also some sites will have this highlighted as just the ‘line’.