One of the biggest sports in the world brings you one of the most diverse betting opportunities in the industry. One of the best features to betting on soccer is the fact that there are so many games played around the world and with this brings an absolute plethora of betting openings.

The higher profiles leagues lie in Europe within England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France, but countries such as the US, Brazil, Australia and throughout Asia are developing quickly with competitive leagues starting to flourish in each.

How to bet on soccer

With this worldwide coverage comes a huge scope for betting on soccer. The majority of European bookmakers will have soccer as their number one sport. As a result, there are a huge number of markets to bet on with some sites literally offering hundreds of markets for each game.

The ability to jump between bookmakers to bet on soccer puts the punter in a fantastic position. It allows them to make sure they are always getting the best price on matches, but also allowing them to take advantage of a number of betting promotions that many bookmakers run.

What you will often find from most bookmakers is that the European leagues and competitions will be top priority. But, unlike a lot of sports, the lower leagues in those countries often get excellent coverage. As a US punter you could compare this to that of betting on the pro games and the college games, but with much more depth.

Soccer betting markets

The main market in which most people will associate soccer betting is the Win-Draw-Win market. This allows you to bet on either a home win, away win or the draw. The prices will likely vary quite dramatically for most games, especially where one team is a clear favourite to win the tie.

In recent years a number of new betting markets have started to become a lot more popular. The accumulator bet is probably one that is used more than any with most bettors and this entails picking a result from the Win-Draw-Market for multiple games. You may include as many selections as you want and the more that you include, the greater the odds that will be on offer. An accumulator bet simply multiplies each bet together to get your odds.

Another popular bet is that of the scorecast market. This will allow you to bet on the correct score of the game. The odds for this are often much more favourable than your standard markets, but with that comes a tough decision, due to the number of different outcomes that are on offer. Scorecast can also include a player to either score first or at any time, whilst getting the correct result. Again, the more variables that you include in the bet, the higher the odds will start to become.

The Asian handicap is the handicapping market of choice for most bettors, which essentially gives one team a theoretical head start over their opponent. For example, one team might be priced at -1.5 goals which means that at full time, the handicap – in this case -1.5 goals – will be removed from that teams score. The new outcome will reflect on whether you bet is successful or not.