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Pinnacle Sport Review

Pinnacle Sport might not be the first bookmaker that jumps to mind when you think of some of the more successful that are floating around the industry. But, over the last decade or so the site has continued to evolve into what is widely regarding as a strong alternative to the household names that currently occupy the top spots.

Even though they might not currently be on your bookmaker radar, the site still boasts an impressive player pool. We are conducting this review to see what’s made Pinnacle become such a consistent pick over the years, for so many punters.


The first thing that we will note about the opening deposit bonus with Pinnacle Sports is that it’s not always open. They seem to pretty randomly dictate to as and when the offer is available and unfortunately we cant provide you with any more information than this.

When the promotion is running, you will be able to get a bonus worth up to $500 on your opening deposit. This is actually a 10% match so it means that to claim the full amount you will have to deposit $5,000 when you first open your account. It certainly isn’t the best promotion on offer, and likely a reason as to why they don’t get more users than they should, but it’s still better than nothing.

You will need to play through your deposit and bonus amount three times before being able to withdraw and you’ll also only get a 30 day period in which to do this, again making it less than lucrative for most players.


The first real feature of any note that we came across on the site was their pricing. We found them to be extremely competitive for the majority of sports, but if you are into your American Football and Soccer, they are particularly impressive. They aren’t going to be best priced on every market, that’s an impossible task, but we found that they were always there or thereabouts. It’s also likely the reason why they’ve got such a good following, as in our eyes, strong pricing is about as good a feature as you can offer your punters.

Just as an extension to this, the site actually goes on to explain why their pricing is so good. It’s basically down to the margins in which they make their odds. Most bookmakers will take a standard margin of around 6%, whereas Pinnacle Sport only takes 2%, or at least that’s what they are reporting. The report does only highlight these numbers from Soccer markets, but even just doing a quick glance, we’d suggest that they wont be a million miles away with their statement.

Pinnacle is also well known for offering their punters considerably higher betting limits than the majority of bookmakers. Their motto of ‘by punter, for punters’ would certainly highlight that they work closely with what the more dedicated punter will be looking for. Whilst the site isn’t full of bells and whistles such as a Betfair for example, their stripped back approach to offer punters more valuable assets such as higher limits and increased odds is definitely commendable.

The blog section on site is actually one of the best that we have come across in terms of really adding value to a bookmaker. They go above and beyond your usual dribble of ‘how to place a bet’ type articles and instead start to target betting markets and challenge theories that people have come up with. The ‘Betting Strategy’ and ‘Betting Psychology’ sections made for particularly interesting reading, and whilst there were plenty designed to be there to promote Pinnacle Sports, some made for an engaging reading, something that’s not all too common from most bookmaker blogs.


Pinnacle certainly isn’t your run of the mill bookmaker. By this we mean that they don’t come out as a glossy, pretty little thing, more of a robust stripped back, get-the-job-done type of bookmaker. They aren’t going to throw fancy graphics in your face and a boatload of promotions, but then, the majority of bookmakers make it as hard as possible to get your hands on these types of promotions anyway.

They provide you with a betting alternative that is all about placing a wager on a certain sport. They don’t have hundreds of random markets of which 95% of them you will never use anyway. They offer you a good serviced bookmaker and put the effort into making sure their punters are getting great odds along with a decent customer service and player experience to boot.