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Sports Interaction review

When you think of high profile bookmakers in the gambling industry, Sports Interaction probably isn’t a name that springs to mind. But this North American based company has actually been trading since 1997 and have gone on to become one of the more established sites for the American player base.

The company, like many in the industry, have had to go through some hard times and even closed their doors for a period of time whilst the UIGEA came into place. But they’re back, and some would argue better than ever. What we will be looking in this review is how well they perform against some of the larger brands in the US like Bovada and BetOnline, and also to see if they are in a position to take the mantle of the best sportsbook in America.


You’ll be able to grab a sign up bonus worth up $200 when you register a new account with Sports Interaction. The bonus is actually a 100% match on your opening deposit, which is remarkably high considering industry standard is usually much less than this. The bonus also requires you to play through your free money 3 times before making a withdrawal. Again, the 3 times rollover number is more than favorable when compared with industry standard.


The first thing that we rally want to mention in the review is the design of the site. For those of you that have read our reviews of other North American sportsbooks will be aware that we are often hyper critical of how the majority of sites look. The US seems to have a fascination with producing sub-standard sportsbooks for their users. But, the Sports Interaction site really does standout from the crowd and has a much more familiar and modern feel to the site. It’s easy to find where you need to be going with the nav bar down the left hand side, but the homepage also provide a number of quick links such as most popular markets, live betting and last minute bets, to name but a few. Overall, it’s easily one of the best looking bookmakers we have tested from North America.

The range of sports is the next item we want to discuss, and in particular, the number of markets that are on offer. As you can imagine, the likes of American Football, Basketball, Baseball and Ice Hockey make up the majority of the sites sports betting sections. Whilst the big leagues are on offer, we were pleased to see a good range of both college games and also smaller games from the rest of the world. Coverage varies somewhat depending on sport, but Basketball for example was rammed with markets from over 20 different countries.

Sports from outside of America are also well catered, with soccer actually making up the majority of their betting markets. In fact, as a guide, the site currently has over 22,000 soccer markets from around the world, which is something any bookmaker would be proud of. Outside of this the number of markets will drop, but you still get to pick from over 20 sports in total, with a good range to choose from.

The live betting section is also something that we really enjoyed testing. It feels very interactive and we were impressed with how well the section looked. You cold easily navigate down the left hand side to find the game that you were looking for before then being able to see a mini match centre for tat game which gave basic information such as score, current trends and also the live betting markets on offer for that game. One downside to this section was that it seemed to take a while for markets to first load and then the prices to show up, which was frustrating.


It was hard to not be impressed by the steps that Sports Interaction has taken over the last couple of years. We spoke about design in our review, but it’s easily one of, if not the best going for American bettors. It held up well to any scrutiny that we could really throw at it and it was actually quite hard to find an awful lot wrong with the site.

The big question is whether they are or can be the best that US has to offer? In terms of depth, we’d suggest that they probably are about as good as you’re going to find. Whilst there is obviously a big affiliation with US sports, they are the be all and end all for the site. As an overall package, they are definitely in the top 3 of US sportsbooks, if not number one, for us at least!